Corporate Information

President's Message

Safety and Security Our goal is to become a company whose presence is valuable to others.

Our company was founded in 1962 with founder Mr. Soichiro Honda fostering key lock manufacturers that pass through to the world in Miyazaki, with a will to root modern industry in Miyazaki and contribute to the development of the region.

We respect corporate philosophy as "respect for human beings" (respecting individuals who are independent, share with each other by doing their best to respect each other by doing their best to have mutual trust!) And "creation of joy" (involved in corporate activities We are seeking pleasure with all the people with the same age!), We have established global business activities by functionally linking development, production, and sales with 13 locations in 5 domestic and 7 overseas countries .

Until now, we have continued to grow with the growth of the Japanese economy and the popularization of automobiles, but we will establish a new "Honda lock brand" through reforms towards the arrival of new era such as automatic driving technology and IoT, AI coming in the future The 2030 vision is formulated, and all employees are more challenging, actively, more creative, creative, and more convincing and will be valuable things useful to the world ・ pleased We aim to becoming "a company expected to exist" that creates new business opportunities, and we will continue to strive hotly and humbly.

President Toshiyuki Mogushi

Company Principles

By applying our every effort, power, and knowledge, we will aim to develop advanced, valuable products, while harmonizing with society.

Management Policies

  • Always proceed with dreams and vitality.
  • Value theories, ideas, and use of time.
  • Create an efficient workflow.
  • Make efforts to become world class experts.
  • Be aware that we are part of society and act responsibly.
  • Create a safe and joyful work environment.

Behavioral Ethics

We will proactively pursue the following with "Genuineness", "Ingenuity", and "Enthusiasm" to become a trusted company whose presence is valuable to others, and to secure the trust of society as well as our customers: Compliance with law; respect for others; preservation of the environment; contributions to society; and maintaining fair business relationships.

  1. We will live sincerely together with our society, aim for creation of advanced products of value, and act with enthusiasm.
  2. We will sincerely comply with laws, internal regulations, and rules.
  3. We will proactively act on the preservation of the environment.
  4. We will make efforts to prevent accidents and minimize any potential damage.
  5. We will proactively pursue social contributions.
  6. We will make a special effort to protect confidential information.
  7. We will always practice fair business.
  8. We will respect privacy while recognizing individuality with a spirit of "Respect for others."