Corporate Information


Year Events at Honda Lock Events in Japan and Overseas
1962 Foundation of the corporation (capital: one-million yen)
Production of switch locks for motorcycles started.
  • First flight of the Japanese YS11 aircraft.
  • Outbreak of Cuban crisis
1963 Capital was increased to forty million yen.
  • Broadcasts of Astroboy Atom begin.
  • Rikidozan fatally stabbed.
  • President Kennedy was assassinated.
1964 Capital was increased to 160 million yen
  • Tokyo Olympics were held.
  • China conducted successful atomic test.
1965 Production of magnetic switches for motorcycles started.
  • The first professional baseball draft was held.
  • U.S. forces began bombing North Vietnam.
1967 Production of ignition coil for motorcycles started.
Production of speedometer for mini-automobiles started.
  • Yokkaichi asthma patients filed Japan's first air pollution lawsuit.
  • China conducted successful H-bomb test.
  • Outbreak of the largest black riots in Detroit.
1968 Production of frequency meters for power generators started.
  • Bonin Islands were returned to Japan
  • The famous 300-million yen robbery case occurred.
  • Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) was formed.
1969 Production of fuel filler caps started.
Production of speedometer for automobiles started.
  • Riot police sent out to quell riots at Nippon University.
  • Nuclear-powered ship Mutsu launched.
  • Apollo 11 moon landing successful.
1971 Production of steering lock for automobiles started.
Capital was increased to 185 million yen.
  • Agreement between Japan and the United States of America concerning the Ryukyu Islands and the Daito Islands was signed.
  • An All Nippon Airways airliner and an Air Self-Defense Force aircraft collided over Iwate Prefecture.
  • The United States president Nixon presented the dollar saving measure (dollar shock).
1977 Kokusai Godo Denso (KGD) was established. (five electric equipment J/V companies)
  • Sadaharu Oh broke world homerun record in professional baseball.
  • Japanese Red Army hijacked a JAL plane
  • Chaplin died.
1978 Production of outside door handle started.
  • Candies broke up.
  • Naoki Uemura first to complete solo expedition to the North Pole.
  • Outbreak of military coup in Afghanistan
1979 Production of oil pumps for motorcycles started.
Production of inside door handle started.
  • Outbreak of the second oil crisis.
  • Tokyo Economic Summit was held.
  • Sony Walkman was introduced.
  • Outbreak of Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant accident.
Year Events at Honda Lock Events in Japan and Overseas
1981 Capital was increased to 260 million yen.
Construction and operation of Toyama plant (TF) was started.
Production of air pumps for motorcycles started.
  • Japanese orphans left behind in China arrived in Japan for the first time.
  • A new bird was found in Okinawa and was named the Okinawa rail.
  • Successful launch of the space shuttle.
1982 KGD Indonesia started operation.
Honda Sun Co., Ltd. capitalized.
Production of ABS solenoid wheel sensor started.
  • Fire broke out at the Hotel New Japan.
  • Japan Airline aircraft crashed offshore of Haneda.
  • Outbreak of Falkland Islands War
  • PLO left Beirut
1984 Production of door locks started.
  • Adventurer Naoki Uemura disppeared.
  • Glico-Morinaga extortion case occurred.
  • Los Angeles Olympics were held (boycotted by Eastern countries)
1987 Production of door mirrors for automobiles started.
  • Japan National Railways was privatized (JR established).
  • Outbreak of pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.
1988 Construction and operation of Hirose plant started.
Hirose Seiko Co., Ltd. (die maintenance) started operation.
Foundation of Honda All-Lock Manufacturing Company (HAL) was established. (ALL-LOCK Manufacturing Company J/V)
  • Tokyo Dome completed.
  • Collision between the submarine "Nadashio" and a pleasure fishing boat.
  • Emperor Showa fell seriously ill.
  • US ship mistakenly fired and shot down Iran Air aircraft in Persian Gulf.
  • Outbreak of Iran-Iraq war
1989 Production of keyless entry systems started.
  • Emperor Showa died, and new "Heisei" era began.
  • Consumption tax (3%) was introduced.
  • Germany's Berlin Wall fell.
1990 Capital was increased to 520 million yen.
Production of seat belt started.
Production of inner gear keys started.
  • Mitsui Bank and Taiyo-Kobe Bank Limited merged.
  • TBS reporter Toyohiro Akiyama joined the flight of a Soviet Union spacecraft to become the first Japanese in space.
  • German reunification occurred.
Year Events at Honda Lock Events in Japan and Overseas
1991 Production of active striker started.
  • Yokozuna Chiyonofuji retired.
  • Mount Unzen-Fugen erupted. A large scale mudslide occurred.
  • Outbreak of the Gulf War
1992 Establishment of corporate motto and operation policy
  • A full five-day school week started.
  • Astronaut Mamoru Mouri participated in the space flight.
  • Riots broke out in Los Angeles.
1993 Production of compact type ABS solenoid started.
Production of rear view mirror for motorcycles started.
  • Japan Professional Football League (J. League) started.
  • Hokkaido-Nansei-Oki Earthquake occurred.
  • Terrorist explosions occurred in New York's World Trade Center.
1995 Production of immobilizer system started.
  • The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred.
  • Tokyo subway sarin gas attack occurred.
  • Windows95 was introduced.
  • Department store in Seoul collapsed.
1996 Honda Lock Thai (HLT) was established (AAP & HPD J/V)
Guangdong Honda Lock (GHL) was established
(J/V with Guangdong Lock)
Merged with Matsuyama Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
(Capital: 640 million yen)
The corporate name was changed to Honda Lock Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  • Outbreak of O-157 bacteria in Sakai-city, Osaka.
  • North Korean submarines invaded South Korean territorial waters.
1997 HAL increased capital, acquired 100% ownership.
Production of rear view mirror started.
  • Russian tanker sunk in the Sea of Japan and heavy oil spilled.
  • Consumption tax was raised to 5%.
  • Japan participated in the FIFA World Cup.
  • Tiger Woods (21 years old) won the Masters Tournament golf championship.
  • Hong Kong was returned to China.
1998 HAL changed its corporate name to HL-A.
ISO9002 certified.
Capital was increased to one billion yen.
Magnesium casting production started.
ISO14001 certified.
  • Postal codes were changed from five digits to seven digits.
  • FIFA World Cup in France was held. (Japan participated for the first time)
  • India executed nuclear experiment.
1999 HL-A (Georgia plant) construction and operation started.
R&D center was established.
Operation of magnesium new plant started.
  • Japan's first nuclear accident occurred at a nuclear fuel facility in Tokaimura.
  • Japan's first heart and liver transplant following declaration of brain death.
  • NATO force started air strikes in Yugoslavia.
2000 ISO9001 certified.
UK branch (HL-E) was established.
HLT Capital increase
  • Statute of limitations expired in the Glico-Morinaga extortion case.
  • Brutal murder of an entire family occurred in Setagaya Ward.
  • Outbreak of computer virus "I LOVE YOU"
  • Sydney Olympics were held.
Year Events at Honda Lock Events in Japan and Overseas
2001 PT. Honda Lock Indonesia (HLI) was established.
Capital in Guangdong Honda Lock (GHL) increased.
Name was changed to Honda Lock Guangdong (HLG).
  • Child stabbing/murder case occurred at Osaka Kyoiku University-affiliated Ikeda elementary school.
  • Suspicious ship was found and followed offshore of Narumioshima in Kagoshima. Engaged and sunk.
  • Synchronized terrorist attack occurred in the United States: two World Trade Center buildings collapsed.
2002 Production of keyless entry for residence started.
New plant of HLI operation started.
New plant of HLG operation started.
  • FIFA World Cup jointly hosted by Korea and Japan.
  • A bearded seal nicknamed Tamachan appeared in the Tamagawa River.
2003 ISO9001: Year 2000 version, certified.
Michigan office opened.
Won prizes in three categories in HM excellent thanks prize
  • Hanshin Tigers won the Central League championship for the first time in 18 years.
  • The bill regarding the protection of individual information was passed.
  • Outbreak of SARS
  • U.S. forces invaded Iraq.
  • Japanese diplomat agent in Iraq was killed.
2004 Establishment of philosophy
Development and production of smart card key system for motorcycles were started for the first time in the world.
Production of power slide door lock started.
Kyushu soccer league "first victory"
Honda Lock soccer team promoted to JFL
  • Athens Olympics were held.
  • Sumatra earthquake occurred.
  • Outbreak of large-scale highly pathogenic avian influenza
  • Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake occurred.
2005 Ohio R&D center was established.
Honda Lock Do Brasil Ltda. (HLB) was established.
Won the Awards for Excellent Enterprises Active in the Industrial Property Rights System Awards for the Intellectual Property Achievement Award (Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • "Exposition of Global Harmony" was held in Aichi prefecture.
  • The derailment accident on the JR Fukuchiyama Line occurred.
2006 Honda Lock R&D Asia (HLRA) was established.
Welfare building of head quarter was rebuilt.
  • FIFA World Cup was held in Germany.
2007 Honda Lock Sao Paulo Industria e Comercio de Pecas Ltda. (HLS) was established.
Won The second Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award
  • Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake occurred.
2008 Honda Lock Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (HLV) was established.
Honda Lock Museum opened
Honda Lock soccer club promoted to JFL
  • MSDF Atago collided with the Seitokumaru tuna trawler.
  • Sichuan earthquake occurred.
2009 Honda Lock Vietnam Co.,Ltd. (HLV) groundbreaking
New factory of HLG operation started.
  • US Airways 1549 ditching accident occurred.
  • President Barack Obama took office.
  • Michael Jackson died.
  • Torrential rains occurred in China and northern Kyushu.
2010 R&D center expansion building completed.
Hirose Seiko moved to the new plant.
  • EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI was held.
  • The asteroid probe Hayabusa returned to the earth.
  • The mortar attacks on Yeonpyeong Island occurred.
2011 Honda Lock Wuhan (HLW) was established.
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.
  • All Kyushu shinkansen lines opened.
  • 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup started.