Frequently Asked Questions

When was Honda Lock Mfg. founded?

Please read the company profile by clicking through . Please click here to view the Company Profile.

Beginning around December 10, I began receiving virus-infected e-mail on a daily basis.

The address of the sender is
virus-infected-file-name: COLOR.scr virus-name: W32.Klez.H@mm
virus-infected-file-name: picacu.exe virus-name: W32.Klez.H@mm
virus-infected-file-name: http.exe virus-name: W32.Klez.H@mm
(The information mentioned above is from the ISP.)
I would like to ask you whether it is sent from your domain.
****** is a random string of alphanumeric characters and classified into several patterns.

We have no such e-mail address.

  • Our e-mail address domain name is now ******, which was changed from ****** which we no longer use.
  • Based on your information, we assume the e-mails you are receiving are spoofing e-mails generated by the Klez viros (and not sent directly from our company).
    Link to detailed description of the Klez virus
  • Our anti-virus measures:
    1. We have installed anti-virus software on our e-mail servers and PCs, and update our definition files daily.
    2. Our e-mail servers check all e-mail sent or received via the Internet for viruses. This prevents any infected e-mail from being sent or received.
    3. We have already implemented countermeasure software on all in-house PCs against viruses that exploit Internet Explorer security holes.
      Because of these measures, we believe that no unsolicited or virus-infected e-mails have been sent from our domain.

May I buy parts you manufacture?

We do not sell any parts at retail. Please inquire with a retail store or agent that handles our products.