Product Information

Products for four-wheeled vehicles

Sensor systems

ABS wheel sensors

ABS wheel sensors are attached to the four wheels to detect the rotations of the wheels while the vehicle is in motion. The signals output from the sensors are transmitted to the ABS control unit (control circuit) and the unit checks for brake lockups.

EPS torque sensor

EPS (electric power steering) is a new generation of power steering that assists the driver not by the power of a hydraulic mechanism, but by the power of a motor, satisfying current demands for light weight, small packaging, quick responsiveness, and energy savings.
The EPS System torque sensors sense data to determine the degree of steering wheel assist.

Vision systems

Side mirrors

Our side door mirrors are classified into those directly adjusted by hand, lever-operated manual remote control mirrors, and electric remote control mirrors in which the mirror face is adjusted.
In addition, the electric folding type of mirrors enables the mirror body to be folded via a button operation, designed to prevent collisions when the car is parked.
Some recent mirror systems include foot illumination and/or an antenna for the smart entry system.

Rearview mirrors

Rearview mirros are affixed in the front of cars. Rearview mirrors allow the driver to have a rearview, and there are two types of rearview mirrors: fixed type and day/night switchable type with a knob for mirror angle adjustment. The switchable type has a prism mirror that changes the light path for anti-glare effect.

Security systems / Entry systems

Smart entry devices

Convenient smart entry systems enable the driver to unlock the doors and start the engine by just having the card.
The number of vehicles equipped with a smart entry system is increasing year by year because of its convenience.

Power slide door locks

The power slide door lock system, used in minivans allows passengers to easily get in and out of the vehicle conveniently.
The system allows the sliding doors to be opened and closed automatically with a remote control key, offering greater comfort and safety for passengers.

Outside door handles

The outside door handle is the first part of the car you touch when you get in. For door handles, which are usually used without much thought, safe, solid operation, without giving any sense of discomfort to the user, are important.
In manufacturing outside door handles, we employ a blow molding (gas injection molding) technique for lighter weight and to reduce material costs.
Recently, devices for smart entry features are often installed in the outside door handles.

Start/Stop switches

Start/Stop switches, which are installed in vehicles with a smart entry system, are push switches for keyless engine start/stop and other purposes. Start/Stop switches include an immobilizer system.

Electrical steering locks

Electrical steering locks, which are installed in vehicles with a smart entry system, lock/unlock the steering wheel, interlocking with the start/stop switch.

Tailgate (trunk) lock switches

Tailgate (trunk) lock switches, which are installed in the tailgate or trunk in vehicles with a smart entry system, are push switches for keyless locking.

Immobilizer system

Recent years have seen an increase in auto theft even in Europe and Japan, as social conditions and the employment situation have worsened. We have been working to develop antitheft parts, and have released an immobilizer system which satisfies the demands of the market.
In short, the system is an electrical antitheft owner identification system.
Even if a thief attempts to pick the vehicle's lock and start the engine, the immobilizer prevents the starter from turning on and disables fuel injection.

Steering wheel lock switches, door cylinders, and keys

Our four-wheeled vehicle key sets are our major products, and have been installed in Honda vehicles all over the world.

  1. The doors of a vehicle must be unopenable and undrivable by any person other than the owner.
  2. There must be alternative measures for the doors of a vehicle in case of emergency.

These contradictory requirements are imposed on vehicle door design.
Our security systems are designed to provide sufficient key numbers and types for better antitheft capability, rigidity, strict measures against mass production, and moderate prices. Security systems have become indispensable on today's highly computerized vehicles.