Technical Information


"A Space for Creation" -- Toward the Realization of Dreams

Our R&D Center, this "Space for Creation," is a cheerful environment where ambitious new values are created, and the birthplace of the world's best leading-edge technologies.

We are working to contribute to vehicle manufacturing of the future, anticipating customer needs, pursuing creative, innovative technology, and utilizing our strengths as expert system integrators in the fields of security and safety.

Bringing High Ambition to an Endless Pursuit

Through repeated advanced testing, we work to discover what was previously unseen.

As the need for increasingly intelligent, diversified vehicles continues to grow, we continue to enhance our test regimes to more accurately simulate the harsh conditions in which vehicles are used around the globe. Based on our understanding of these data and facts, we pursue a vision of "what should be", as we continue the challenge of developing new products of the highest reliability.

Lively Individuality, Taking on Challenges with Pride and Passion

Precision manufacturing consists 99% of failure, supported by 1% success. Taking on challenges without fear of failure.

First, I come up with layouts incorporating discussions with customers and opinions from the manufacturing front lines, and then create the plans.

Based on those plans, we create and refine a number of prototypes, before releasing the final product to the market.
I joined the company just about two years ago, and it's been about a year and a half since I was assigned to the design section, but I still have much to learn about drafting techniques, mold structures, material properties, and more. While my work often fails to go as planned, I am always happy when I see the end result of that work--a finished product based on plans that I drew.

Rather than thinking of myself at this point as ready to be called a professional, I hope to continue absorbing a wide range of experiences, and take on the challenge of designing products that will be less trouble for our customers and for our workers in the field.

Products never lie. The beliefs of the manufacturer are always reflected in their products.

You could say the section I belong to is the source of all new products for Honda Lock. I devote myself daily to my dream of becoming the only system integrator in the world who can handle both visual systems and security entry systems.

To create new products requires not only knowledge related to the development field, such as product and system specifications, but knowledge covering every other field, including costs (C), engineering (E), buying (B), development (D), and quality (Q). Every day is a learning experience.

It is said that the three critical factors in driving a car are (1) information about the fuel, (2) information about vehicle speed, and (3), information about one's surroundings. Because our visual system products serve to accurately transmit information about the surroundings, they are important in ensuring the safety of the vehicle. I always work to incorporate ergonomic factors, including psychological phenomena, into the product creation and development process.

Our business deals with people. Understanding what they're thinking is at the root of our imagination.

It's been seven years since I joined the company. In that time, security products, our main products, have advanced significantly, with an increase in mechatronics products, merging electronic and mechanical parts.

Today, the field of electronics has become indispensable across all product categories. As noted above, electronic components have increased in importance year by year, and last year, I and other team members in charge of electronic components were a signed to a new, independent section focusing on development of electronics.

One thing I have always kept in mind since joining the company is the importance of developing products with consideration for their usability. Our products are utilized in limitless ways.

All of this needs to be evaluated in the development phase. I set myself daily objectives, and work to accomplish them. To do this, I sometimes face difficult tasks, or lack sufficient time, but I believe my mission is to determine a schedule and then get it done. This is one thing I always try to keep in mind, no matter how busy I am with day-to-day tasks.

By passing this message on to my younger colleagues, I hope to help create an energetic, rewarding workplace.